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Pinays Share Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Make time to connect with each other.
November 27, 2017
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LDRs are tough. Normal relationships take a lot of effort as they are, so just imagine how hard it is to have to worry about distance as well. Being apart from your S.O. is a deal breaker for some, but for these Pinays, it’s simply a factor that makes their relationships more special.

If these ladies can keep the romance alive with their partners, so can you! Read on to see how they keep the love alive.

1. Make time.

"My boyfriend works in the U.S. as a record agent—he moved there a month after our third anniversary. It was hard at first because we had to change most of our habits and traditions. The 12-hour time difference took a toll on our relationship as well. When I get home, he’s at work. And when I’m at work, he’s already too tired to talk.

So what we did was set a schedule. I will stay up until 11 p.m. to talk him, and he will get an early lunch at 11 a.m. so he’s free to chat me up. It’s a lot of adjustment, but the effort we put on it proved how serious we are of each other.” - Tanya, 28

2. Manage your expectations.

“When it comes to expectations, always meet halfway. You cannot expect your partner to be the only one to adjust—he will be resentful towards you. I was like that when my fiancé moved to London. He has a very demanding job (he's an architect), but I was more demanding. I wanted him to make time for me every time. Being away from him made me feel insecure, so I projected my frustrations on him. He snapped one day and told me that instead of being a supportive girlfriend, I was just making things harder for him.

We made one change: To be more understanding of each other. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true!” - Annie, 28

3. Trust your partner.

When you don't see your boyfriend a lot, security is something you start to worry about. My relationship with my boyfried was still new when he moved to Japan, so we didn’t really get to the trust-building stage before we parted. Japan and Manila only have a one-hour time difference, but he was always so busy with his job. He's in marketing, so it’s normal for him to be with clients and co-workers after hours.

As a new girlfriend, I was always insecure and jealous. Why would he stay with me if there are other women there who are closer to him, right? I didn’t realize that I was already hurting him because my actions showed that I don’t have faith in him. It’s a change of mindset for me. I just started trusting him.” - Mikaela, 23

4. Be resourceful.

“When you are in a long distance relationship, your communication is pretty much dependent on how fast your connection is. It sounds too mababaw, but it’s true. My boyfriend of four years and I don’t believe in making schedules; we just make it a habit to message or video call each other whenever we are free since we are both freelancers. So sometimes, I’m at the mall and I just decide to call to show him the shoes I’m planning to buy. Internet hotspots are my best friend. It’s like having a normal relationship because of how connected we always are.” - Janina, 29

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Finding a connection with your bae should never be slow, especially if you're in a long distance relationship. You wouldn't want to wait for love to happen like this girl in the video, would you?

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