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This Pinoy Couple Just Had The *Cutest* 'Start-Up' Prenup Shoot And We Can't Stop Gushing Over The Photos!

Alexa, play 'Future' by Red Velvet!
by Hanna Tamondong
January 28, 2021
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(LEFT TO RIGHT) Coutresy of Grace Celosa; Start-Up/Netflix
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Whether you're #TeamDoSan or #TeamGoodBoy, the Netflix drama Start-Up has surely made an impact on us K-drama fans—not just for its main characters, but also for its relatable storyline about the struggles of chasing after our dreams. (Can't tell you how many times we cried while watching that show! We have a collection of our favorite Start-Up quotes, tbh.)

Here's some wholesome and heartwarming Start-Up-related content: Pinoy couple Grace Celosa and Erwin Mel made the drama their inspiration for their DIY prenup shoot and you guys, their photos look spectacular! Alexa, please play "Future" by Red Velvet while we gush over the photos!

Courtesy of Grace Celosa

Courtesy of Grace Celosa
Courtesy of Grace Celosa

In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines via Messenger, Grace explained why they chose the K-drama as their prenup shoot's theme: "We are actually really fond of motivational business/investment-related series or movies. Start-Up made a huge impact on us for it inspires starting entrepreneurs to strive harder for their dreams." The couple has been together for more than five years, and were in a long-distance relationship for three.

Grace and Erwin are both former Overseas Filipino Workers. The soon-to-be-bride was a flight attendant for an international airline in the Middle East while her soon-to-be-husband used to work as a bartender in a cruise line. After their stints abroad, they pursued their entrepreneurial dreams and started a food business in the Philippines.

Courtesy of Grace Celosa

Grace also revealed that their photoshoot was a team effort: She did her own hair and makeup; her future-sister-in-law Maya Angelou Mel was in charge of photography, and her cousin Jedlee Rose Raymundo let her borrow props for the shoot. She also mentioned that she edited the photos "...para mas pang-Korean at mag mukhang malamig. Kasi sa totoo lang, ang init nung araw na 'to." LOL!

Courtesy of Grace Celosa

Since it's a DIY prenup shoot, the couple didn't have to shop for their OOTDs because they already had pieces that matched Dal Mi's (Bae Suzy) and Do San's (Nam Joo Hyuk)'s styles. They recreated the scene where the two were in front of Dal Mi's house after they celebrated Do San's ~birthday~ with Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho), Yong San (Kim Do Wan), and Chul San (Yoo Soo Bin). Grace's purple sweater was an old gift, and her white skirt was borrowed from her cousin. On the other hand, her beau's clothes and shoes have been with him since college.

Courtesy of Grace Celosa

They also mimicked the Samsan Tech team's group photo (when Jung Sa Ha was not yet amused by them, haha!) and the duo's creativity is really next-level! They used shoelaces, printed photos, and detachable lenses to nail their own Sand Box IDs.

Courtesy of Grace Celosa

Looking at their photos, it's already evident that Grace and Erwin's fave Start-Up characters are Dal Mi and Do San (they're #TeamDosan, BTW). They admire the two lead character's persistence in achieving their goals no matter how hard it gets. As for their best takeaway from the drama, Grace said that patience is always the key: "We both agreed that true love truly waits! Erwin and I can really relate to the part where Dal Mi and Do San both waited three years to pursue their own careers. Their passion for their dreams of building an empire together continued."

May you have the best ~future~ ahead, Grace and Erwin! <3

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