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Sue Ramirez Scored Herself An *Instagram Boyfriend* In Javi Benitez And These Moments Are Proof

He makes the sweetest captions! #SanaAll
by Cass Lazaro
March 21, 2022
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Sue Ramirez and Javi Benitez are one of the sweetest couples in showbiz nowadays: Not only are they extremely supportive of each other’s careers, they’re also unafraid to show each other off on their respective socials.

Javi, for one, is a great definition of an “Instagram boyfriend”, the man behind Sue’s picture-perfect OOTDs. His expertise doesn’t stop there, mind you—because he also knows his way around uber-cheesy captions that get us kilig every time!

Need proof? Here are the five times where Javi flaunted his love for his sweetheart.

5 times Javi Ramirez showed he’s an “Instagram boyfriend” to Sue Ramirez:

1. When he called Sue his "peace of mind"

ICYDK, Javi is keeping busy with his electoral campaign while Sue is occupied with lock-in taping for her acting projects, but despite their hectic schedules, they still find ways to hang out with each other. Their latest vacation seems to be a calming escape!

2. When he supported Sue with her success in "The Broken Marriage Vow"

You can hate Sue all you want for her mistress role in the viral TV series The Broken Marriage Vow, but you can’t deny it’s all because of how effective her acting is! Javi definitely made sure his girlfriend’s hard work is appreciated with a supportive IG shoutout. Aww!

3. When he called Sue his "home"

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that count the most. Javi didn’t shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve by penning the most romantic caption for their nature getaway, and it’s giving us all the ~*feels*~.

4. When he appreciated the beauty of both Morocco and Sue

Yup, not even the stunning “Blue City” can take Javi’s eyes off Sue’s charm.

5. When he said his love will ~*never change*~

Enough said.

Stay strong, lovebirds!

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