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This Quiz Will Tell You What Your ~Ideal~ S.O. Is Like

We'll guess your type!
July 28, 2021
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You might have an idea of what your type is, but your preferences can often surprise you. In fact, WeTV’s new rom-com series, Boyfriend No. 13 is about just that. 

Meet Kim (Sue Ramirez), a superstitious romance novelist who does everything right: check her daily horoscopes, wear lucky charms, and consult fortune-tellers—counting on destiny to avoid misfortunes and help her find "the one." And when she meets Don Lee (JC de Vera), a charming and handsome doctor, she thinks that she's finally found the guy for her. Or has she? Being as superstitious as she is, she realizes Don would become her 13th boyfriend if she fully pursues him—totally unlucky! 

Enter Bob (JC Santos), her roguish and rugged officemate who steps into the 13th BF slot, paving the way for Kim to get close to Don. But as luck would have it, Kim's totally confused about who she wants to be with, and we would be too if we were in that sitch! But we're super kilig too, and we're excited to see who she ends up with!

So if you're like Kim and you're just as confused about what kind of guy you’re into, here’s a quiz to help you find out what your ~ideal~ S.O. is like:

This Quiz Will Tell You What Your ~Ideal~ S.O. Is Like


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