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Try These Bedroom Products To Satisfy Your *Needs* During Lockdown

Plus, fun things you can try alone or with your S.O.
June 04, 2021
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Whatever your relationship status is, being alone and away from your S.O. can be both stressful and emotionally exhausting, especially during quarantine. This also applies if you're living with a partner and, let's face it—sometimes, you get bored and miss hanging out with friends. So, what do you do? Before that, we totally understand what you’re going through and your feelings are valid! If you’re looking for ways to satisfy your craving for intimacy and ~*connection*~, here’s a suggestion we need to talk about: sex and masturbation. Whether you’re having intercourse or doing self-pleasure, both can let you own your sexuality and even release endorphins aka mood-boosters that will help you de-stress and make you feel good. If you want the intimate experience to go ~*smooth*~ and special, consider using a lubricant or lube for your comfort and satisfaction. Here’s what you need to know: 

If you’re single 

Who says you can’t give yourself an orgasm? Even if you’re not dating anyone at the moment, you can still pleasure yourself through masturbation. It can be a fun, *healthy* way to improve your well-being. You get to keep your mind off things that usually stress you out like work and adulting in general. LOL! The endorphins are the same with working out, so you’ll really feel recharged. 

If you decide to masturbate, you can condition your vagina or clit by using a lube like Durex Play Feel. Squeeze this light, silky pleasure gel onto your fingers and ~feel~ yourself until you find what gets you going. BTW, this lube can help address vaginal dryness so you can feel *more* at ease. But remember to consult your doctor should the discomfort persist!

Also, feel free to complement your lube with a vibrator that suits your *needs*. You’ll thank us later.

If you’re in a relationship 

TBH, quarantine can be tough on couples. It’s like signing up for a long-distance relationship or in some cases, being stuck with your S.O. and running out of exciting things to do at home. Good news is, lubes can help bring back the fun and passion into your relationship despite the lockdown. These can work wonders for your foreplay since you’re using a pleasure gel to get better at fingering or a handjob. If you and your partner want oral sex, you can add more flavor by applying the Durex Saucy Strawberry lube. It smells and tastes just like the fruit and of course, you can expect it to be sweet and satisfying! Plus, you may want to use it well with a Durex condom. 

Times are tough. So, it won’t hurt to try something new to feel good about yourself or to spice up your relationship—lubes can help you do just that! 

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