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If You're Using Dating Apps To Find 'The One,' You Need To Watch This Series

FindHer's Lia and Aika are totally *relatable*
February 15, 2019
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With so many horror stories about using dating apps, it’s no wonder that “swiping fatigue” has become a real thing. But despite all the awful and boring dates, the hopeful romantic in you still thinks you can find ~*The One*~ online. After all, if other people can find something real and lasting through dating apps, there’s hope for you, right?

If all this hits home, we have the perfect mini-series for you to watch. FindHer is the new kilig comedy web series by Smart, which follows two friends who are on the same boat as you. Aika is an IT genius who uses her gifts to hack into her dates’ phones. If they turn out to be players, she pranks them to teach them a lesson—something you’ve long wanted to do, too, we bet! Think of Aika as “Robin Hood for the under-loved.”

Aika’s best friend and partner in crime Lia is a “typical millennial trying to find her match. A big fan of astrology and sci-fi, she takes comfort in the idea that the Lia in a parallel universe is happy with her match. These two BFFs make swiping bearable and even fun, knowing they have each other’s back.

Aika and Lia are the last people on earth—in this universe, at least—who would sabotage each other’s search for The One. However, a freak incident involving the cosmos changes everything. It leads them to meet the same guy, Gabe, and possibly find love in the hopeless place of dating apps. Gabe could be The One, but the question is for whom: Aika or Lia?

Interestingly different from other dating series, FindHer asks the question: What if you and your best friend have been searching for The One and end up matching with the same person? What would you do?

See how this unique story unfolds by watching FindHer on YouTube. Each episode of FindHer is about 10 minutes long, which makes it perfect for binge-watching. Watch the series using Smart Giga Surf 99, which includes 2GB data and 1GB per day of Video Every Day for YouTube, iflix, iWant, NBA League Pass, and Cignal TV, valid for seven days.

For more information, visit Smart’s website or watch FindHer on YouTube.

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