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Listen To These Valentine's Day Playlists For Every Kind Of ~*Feels*~

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by Ira Nopuente
February 14, 2023
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Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some playlist suggestions we found on Spotify you can listen to on this day dedicated to romance, whatever stage of love you're in.

Best Valentine's Day Playlists To Listen To Right Now

For the single and ready to mingle:

"Can I just meet 'The One' already?" If that question has been on your mind for so long, listen to this playlist. You can push your goal a little bit further by manifesting love in your life.


Can't get past the talking stage or a situationship?

A situationship is when you're stuck in pre-relationship limbo. Your "situation" is not defined, committed, or serious. Both parties aren't sure what their label is and there really isn't a proactive effort to talk about it. They enjoy each other's company but not necessarily looking for anything more. In Filipino slang, it's OPM or "on 'pag magkasama."


Friends with benefits with a sprinkle of secret love:

"Friends with benefits" relationships are similar to situationships wherein they are friends but they engage in things people in committed relationships do. Heartbreak and uncertainty also loom over this no-strings-attached situation.


Just recovered from a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships exhibit patterns of abuse, manipulation, and control. When you just got out of one, you're celebrating your independence. Here's an empowering playlist just for you.


When your crush is seeing someone else:

When your crushie likes someone else, it can be disappointing and sometimes even painful. We found a playlist that reflects your feelings of unrequited love.

A word of advice: You cannot control your crush's feelings or force them to like you. It's okay, babe, if they don't reciprocate your feelings. As the old saying goes, there are a lot of fishes in the sea.


For The One That Got Away

Timing is a bitch. This is the common theme of love stories involving "The One That Got Away." The concept of "the one that got away" refers to a romantic interest or relationship that ended but one person still feels a strong connection or regret. One party still holds the torch for the other but the Universe had other plans.


I'm Married To My Job

Are you constantly focused on work so you have little time for anything else, including dating? This workaholic habit of yours can make it difficult to establish and maintain a relationship. If you're too busy with your career that your love life takes a step back, play these songs to remind you that you deserve romance in your life.


LDR lovers

Long-distance relationships (LDR) happen when partners are separated by a significant geographical distance. They can be living in different cities or even as extreme as staying in other countries. Keeping the spark alive in an LDR can be challenging because it requires trust, communication, and effort from both parties.

Forming emotional connection and intimacy in a long-distance relationship calls for creativity! Virtual dates, messaging apps, and constant travel plans are important in an LDR. Another way to show your love? Through a playlist like this:


New Love

The high of a new romance can be intense and overwhelming. From excitement to nervousness, you feel a range of emotions. To perfectly describe your feelings, here's a playlist you can listen to:


Madly In Love

When your relationship is healthy and secure, there is trust, open communication, and respect in your partnership. There is also no power struggle between you two. Sounds like a dream, right? But this kind of relationship takes hard work, effort, and compromise. 

Being in love is a warm and comforting connection with another person and this playlist perfectly describes that. Stay in love, you guys!


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