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5 Influential Young Women Define What It Means to Be a Girl

Converse’s 'All The Stories Are True' campaign inspires young women to reclaim their narrative.
February 21, 2019
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Here’s an uncomfortable truth for young women: The world has always dictated how we should think, dress, and act, which is why across generations, the youth have rebelled to make strides for progress. This is true today more than ever, which is why Converse’s Love the Progress collection couldn't have come at a better time. Converse sneakers have always been a staple for young people, and a vehicle for each wearer to tell their and reflect their personal identity.

This collection inspired the latest All The Stories Are True campaign, which gives girls from around the world the chance to reclaim their own narrative. Below, meet the young women who confidently carve their own path, and in doing so, inspire others along the way.

Millie Bobby Brown, Actress and Youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Girl is: to be defined by who are, not what we look like.

When most girls prefer to keep their hair long during the start of their teenage years, Millie sported a shaven head to play Stranger Things’s Eleven, who is now one of the most iconic characters in recent Hollywood history. But just when you thought she couldn't pull off anything more non-conformist than that, think again: She wore sneakers with her dress at the 2018 SAG Awards.

Stephanie Kurlow, Hijabi Ballerina

Girl is: influential and a risk-taker.

This 17-year-old Australian-Russian girl is working towards her dream of becoming the first professional Hijabi ballerina in the world. Her dream is to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams regardless of their race, religion or background.

Qin Yungquan, Self-defense Instructor

Girl is: a warrior

This Singapore native is a social activist and self-defense instructor committed to empowering ordinary people—especially women and children—to stay safe. In a world that often sets self-limiting boundaries and gender type, she believes empowerment is the key to create a better and more equal society for all.

Naomi Preizler, Model and Artist

Girl is: human.

This Argentine musician and androgynous model considers herself an artist who doesn’t live by others’ expectations. She loves to explore and experiment, as evidenced by the expansion of her career choices: from modeling and art to music. She considers herself a fighter against things that are supposed to be impossible.

Kasia Gola, Tech Expert

Girl is: disciplined, works hard, and achieves.

This Polish tech expert is founder of GeekGoesChic, a fashion tech initiative and co-founder at Flowbox, Kasia specializes in the technology industry with a focus on fashion researcher and forecast.

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