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How To Dress Comfortably For The Holidays

Because your clothes should not get in the way of the lechon.
December 22, 2017
CREATED WITH American Eagle Outfitters
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The holidays are here! Hence, you want to look good in all of the photos, enjoy the food, and have a jolly good time. So which do you choose: style or comfort?

The answer can and should be both. Whether you’re partying with the whole barangay of relatives or the entire squad, you have to look your best. Follow these tips, and you're not going to hear those “tumaba ka!” comments from your titas.

Keep your food in check.

Fact: every day is cheat day during the holidays. You don’t want to miss out on the succulent lechon or decadent sans rival. Keep your gorgeous figure in check.

Find yourself a good pair of high-rise jeans, and wear it with a cute top and heels for a polished but comfy outfit. The High-Rise Jegging from AE holds its shape and won’t bag out so you always look and feel like your best—perfect for keeping your figure while allowing you to enjoy the feast!

Make room for two dinners.

There never seems to be a shortage of food during the holidays. Just when you think everyone’s finished eating, someone new comes in with more food, and you find yourself preparing for round two.

This is why it’s important to wear clothes that can accommodate a fruitcake (or three). The secret? Durable, stretchy jeans. AE’s Tomgirl jeans are relaxed, but not loose, so you’ll look cool without trying too hard. Pair them with a loose blouse and chic flats, and you’ll be looking stylishly comfortable all night.

Choose the best cut.

Looking polished is as simple as getting clothes that have the right length for your body. Make sure to get jeans that best fit you, be it a pair of sleek skinnies that can lengthen your legs or a more relaxed pair of distressed boyfriend jeans you can lounge around in. The Skinny cut is the “ultimate cool girl” fit made for every day; you’ll feel amazing in this curve-defining fit.

Cover up and keep warm.

Winter may never come, but it’s that time of year when temperatures drop, so it actually does get a little chilly. Which means it’s the perfect time to bust out those thick jackets you’ve been dying to wear outside of the cinema!

Puffer jackets are great for elevating your outfit while hiding a full and happy tummy. Complete your look, make a statement, and style up by getting the quilted metallic puffer jacket.

When shopping for your wardrobe, one thing you want to keep in mind is the quality. For pieces that you know will last, American Eagle Outfitters has plenty of staples that will keep you comfy during the holidays.

And if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, quality clothing always makes a good gift. Your loved ones will definitely thank you for keeping them comfy and stylish!

Get stylish and comfy with American Eagle Outfitters. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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