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Show Your Friends Some Love By Gifting Them These Stylish Pieces This Holiday Season

Choose a piece based on their personal style!
October 30, 2020
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Don’t you just miss hanging out with your friends? 2020 has been a challenging year with canceled travel plans and less IRL interactions. But we can still make it a meaningful one, especially this holiday season. Reconnect with your ~favorite~ people by gifting them with cool items from Levi’s 2020 Holiday Collection. The brand is known for their denim pieces that are so easy to personalize and style. Most likely, you’ll find something perfect for your friends. Below, some stylish gift ideas for them:

1. For The Boyfriend 

LDR sucks, but here’s something to keep your beau ~warm~ even when you’re spending the holidays apart. The Levi’s Houston denim jacket is super comfy, even you would want to borrow it from his closet. LOL! The design makes this basic piece more unique with fun details like the Lego brick-inspired patches and colorful buttons. 

2. For The BFF

If your best friend is basically your sister from another mister, why not show your bond through matching Levi’s logo caps? Go for the same color or call dibs on powder pink and navy blue. Twinning, but cuter! 

3. For The Fashion-Forward Cousin

Miss seeing your fave cousin a.k.a the most stylish person at family reunions? Gift her a pair of Levi's men’s jeans (Yup, you read it right!) for her next fashion experiment. It offers a comfier fit she can wear casually at home or in her future OOTD posts. She can wear it with a cropped top to balance out her look, or an oversized sweater perfect for the cold weather.

4. For The Officemate

Some days, WFH can be challenging and you only have your office BFF to know exactly what you’re feeling. Surprise her with a colorful Levi’s striped shirt which she can wear to your next meeting!

5. For The Sister

No one knows us better than our real sister! So, it’s fitting to give our OG best friend a splurge-worthy fashion item like a pair of Levi’s Gotta Dip high loose pants. If your sister’s the busy type, she’ll love this versatile piece she can wear for any occasion. She can pair it with a casual tee for a quick errand or a formal blouse for a day in the office. 

Start your holiday shopping at Levi's official website, boutique stores, and department store counters. Mark your calendars for their Buy 1, Get 2nd Item At 50% Off promo on regular priced items from October 30 to November 25. 

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