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10 Stylish Celebs To Follow On TikTok For OOTD Inspo

You’re definitely missing out if you still haven’t downloaded the app.
May 04, 2020
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TikTok has quickly become a go-to platform for self-expression. From performers to DIY pros, its wide variety of creators ensures that there is something for everyone to see when they download the app.

Recently, even Philippine fashion and style icons have been making their presence felt on TikTok, as they share unique tips and content for their followers to enjoy.

A little creativity goes a long way on the platform, and with help from its massive audio library and easy-to-use effects and transitions, style savants can shoot, edit, and share their OOTD videos and more with minimal effort. Plus, users don’t need to worry about their security while using the app, thanks to its policies and tools that promote a safe and positive environment for the TikTok community. Because of this, creators can be as fun and as fearless as they want. 

Ready to get on the platform to follow your fave celebs and influencers? If you’re looking for the latest trends and OOTD inspo, look no further than this roundup of TikTok creators:

Heart Evangelista 

Aside from her beautiful home and day-to-day stories, you get to see more of Heart’s winning outfits when you follow her on TikTok.

Laureen Uy

Laureen is known for her striking fashion ensembles, and the outfits you’ll see on her videos do not disappoint. 

When it comes to styling, she recommends playing with your accessories. “You’ll be surprised how layers of gold necklaces, hoop earrings, and bangles can upgrade your look instantly!” 

Sharing her love for TikTok, Laureen says, “I love that I can give my followers a lot of styling information in just 15 seconds. My favorite is the fashion transition video because it gives me creativity on how I can execute a certain topic, whether it be one dress in five ways or posing ideas.”

Camille Co

From fashion design to styling, Camille definitely knows fashion. On her feed, she shares her fashion favorites, plus occasional tips for taking awesome OOTD photos. 

What’s her go-to styling tip? “When in doubt, choose a blazer. You’ll automatically look more polished.” 

Camille adds that she loves how TikTok makes it so easy for people to get inspired and create their own content. “Just a few minutes of scrolling and you’ll get so many ideas from so many creative people. And it’s not so hard to do your own version because you can easily edit on the app itself.” 

Verniece Enciso 

Whether your personal style is cool and casual or girly and glam, you’re sure to find fashion inspiration from Verniece’s videos. 

Katt Valdez

Katt often shares dance and lip-sync videos on her feed, and she does so in style! According to her, her favorite fashion advice is investing in reusable pieces. She adds though that it doesn’t mean you should only buy monochrome basics, saying that a red blazer and pink silk pants are some of her favorite closet staples, too.

Talking about her favorite TikTok feature, Katt shares, “I love playing around with transitions when it comes to making outfit videos.” 

Patricia Prieto

We love Patricia for being our fitspiration, but she shows her fashionista side on TikTok, too.

Janeena Chan 

Events host Janeena shares a lot of videos featuring her cats, but the other star in her posts is her amazing fashion sense.

Ida Anduyan

If streetwear is your thing, you have to check out Ida’s urban fashion OOTD videos.

When it comes to style, Ida is a firm believer that clothing has no gender. "You don’t have to wait for a brand to tell you that a piece is unisex to get permission to wear it. So wear your dad’s oversized blazer with the gigantic shoulder pads, or your sister’s straight-cut pair of jeans that looks oh-so-flattering on you—with their permission of course." 

Regarding her experience with TikTok, Ida has this to say, "I love that TikTok has no rules when it comes to how you share your stuff. The only limit is you and your ideas (and the community guidelines, of course). I also love that they’re very generous in recommending videos."

Nicole Andersson  

As a fashion blogger, Nicole’s style definitely shows in her TikTok posts.

David Guison   

David is one of the top male fashion icons in the Philippines, and it’s pretty obvious why when you check out his TikTok videos. 

Can’t wait to strut out and flaunt your OOTDs? Why wait when you can dress to impress and share your own stylish outfits at home on TikTok? Download the app on your iOS and Android device to get started.

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