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Vertical Stripes Are 'In' And Here's How To Wear Them

They can do so much more than make you taller or slimmer.
by Patti Sunio
June 20, 2019
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Stripes the limit! Vertical stripes on clothes give the illusion of a longer body, and they honestly look good on everyone. But stripes are not just for the beach or that classic boat-neck tee; this pattern can level up your look in so many ways, depending on what outfit color, style, or cut you choose. 


    As usual, Issa Pressman adds personality to her OOTD and opts for a moss green suit to wear over her illustrated t-shirt. To maintain a laid-back and ~*chill*~ vibe, she steps into her trusty Converse sneakers and nonchalantly carries a red-orange bag.


    Feminine meets fun as Kelly Misa styles her candy-striped dress with white floral earrings and dainty pink mules. Our key takeaway? One, don't be afraid to step outside ~*classic*~ prints (e.g. multi-color stripes over the usual white and navy blues), and two, make sure your accessories all come from the same color palette, for your outfit to look more put-together.

  3. RETRO

    Sue Ramirez is one expert dresser, knowing the cuts and styles that work best for her body type (skinny, chubby, curvy, or in-between, we must all follow her lead, tbh!) Case in point: this striped one-piece swimsuit. It's got a retro vibe that's very of-the-moment, and it's a style that can stand out on its own. It flatters her figure without revealing too much—no arte needed.


    How to channel a "modern girl on vacay" look? Coleen Garcia does so in style with an easy, breezy ensemble and a refreshing drink on hand. Our faves: the subtle ab exposure, her fresh-lewking striped trousers, perfect hair, and the "it" summer accessory we almost didn't spot (her anklet!).

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    Here's the tea: You can actually wear a ~*tropical*~ look without being decked in palm tree- and floral-printed clothes! Camille Co does this so effortlessly by wearing light blue pants over her multi-color striped suit and a pair of comfy slides in pastel pink. Of course, her very summery background makes a big difference!


    Maris Racal puts together a chic look with a fitted white tee and a bold-colored striped skirt. The trick is to make everything else fade into the background, allowing her statement skirt to take center stage and steal the spotlight!


    Kim Chiu rarely dresses this way, but we honestly think she can pull off androgynous looks so well. You can re-create her look with everything “boyfriend”: a pinstripe office button-down shirt from your bae, layered with his oversized trucker jacket, and if you get the chance, steal his jeans or khakis, too. *sly grin*


    Gabbi Garcia likes to keep things neat and simple, and this outfit is proof of that! Sticking to neutrals like brown and white, she goes for a slight ab-reveal to make her look non-boring and, well…office-appropriate!


    If you're tired of jewel-toned and jewel-encrusted long gowns, then follow Isabelle Daza's lead. She exudes quiet elegance in her striped tube gown, breaking free from the usual formals that are often too intricate or detailed. Love this to bits!

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