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This Pair Of White Sneakers Comes With A Free Design Kit So You Can Draw On Them

The design kits are only available at Commonwealth Rockwell until November 23!
by Erika Villa-Ignacio
November 20, 2018
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If you're a white sneaker enthusiast, you know that getting anything on your sneakers easily qualifies as an absolute nightmare. But if we told you that you were actually encouraged to draw on your kicks, would that change your mind? 

This is exactly what The Blank Canvas Collective (an artistic group that consists of Kayo Cosio, Lari Gazmen, Jade Suayan, and Quiccs) in partnership with Nike encourages sneakerheads to do. Each pair of the reimagined Nike Air Force 1 sneaker purchased at the Commonwealth Rockwell branch comes with a free design kit and instructions that help you customize your own shoe!*

Check out the Collective's impressive designs below for inspo!

Nike Air Force 1, P6,295.00 (For Women); P4,795.00 (For Men), Nike

These Pair Of White Sneakers Come With A Free Design Kit So You Can Draw On Them

*Valid until November 23, 2018

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