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3 Wear-With-Anything Shoe Colors To Spice Up Your #OOTDs

These comfy slip-ons with versatile colors can literally match everything in your closet.
November 10, 2016
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Not a fan of the Tiis-Ganda School of Fashion? We hear you! With the terrible Manila traffic, the traitorous weather, and your busy lifestyle, what you want—or, need—is a pair of shoes that is as comfy as it is functional.

Of course, a fashion-conscious gal like you is probably wary of adjectives such as "comfortable” and "functional.” But what if there's a shoe that is both eye-catching and kind on your feet?

We love the Lacoste Gazon, a premium slip-on that comes in a trio of unique colors that will perfectly complement your #OOTDs. There are many ways to incorporate these shoes into your wardrobe, but here are just some ideas:


Casual, but not too laid-back, the navy Lacoste Gazon is the shoe to wear when you’re meeting clients in the afternoon before going out with them for drinks in the evening. It’s perfect when worn with a button-up shirt, a nice blazer, and some straight-cut pants for an effortlessly chic look.

Dark Green

The dark green Lacoste Gazon is made for gals who challenge the status quo and enjoy the attention that comes with it. The versatile color is a great match for a grunge look: a leather jacket worn over a statement t-shirt, distressed denim shorts, and a jacket wrapped around the waist for good measure.

Dark Grey

Heading out for the weekend? Slip on your dark grey Lacoste Gazon along with a plain white tee and some jeans for a relaxed, breezy getup. The soft textile fabric and the cushioned footbed make the Gazon super comfortable to walk in, whether you’re talking a leisurely walk in the park or doing some serious window shopping.

To learn more about this collection, visit:

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