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4 Shirts That Are Perfect For Your Chill Girl #OOTD

The tops you need for that fresh, model-off-duty look.
September 14, 2015
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Do you have that one person in the squad who always looks simultaneously elegant and laid-back, even if she’s just in jeans and a plain tee? 

The secret to rockin' that effortless chill-girl style is finding the perfect t-shirt. It's got to have a great fit and comfortable material. Your tee's design is also an important factor to take note of: it has to be simple yet interesting, so it works with your favorite shorts, jeans, flats, and sneakers.

Let us eliminate the guesswork for you, CGs! Take a look at these four t-shirts that will definitely up your chill girl #OOTD game:

1. Go Graphic!

What says “chill” more than a basic black, white, or gray tee? But instead of looking drab, the curvilinear elements, cartoon illustrations, and fun colors give the simple shirt an exciting pop.

Crazy for this shirt designed by Leonard Agustin? Vote for it here.

 2. Sweet Repetitions

Forget florals, pineapples, and animal prints. The unique candy pattern on this casual tee adds instant quirk to any ensemble.

If you're craving for this design by Mia Del Mundo, vote for it here.

3. Feeling Breezy

Our country's humid weather calls for a shirt that's light and airy, without having to sacrifice on style. And this uniquely crafted tee is an easy choice for any girl on the go. 

Show some love for this design by Candleray Toreverde by voting for it here.

4. A Pop of Color

This multicolored graphic shirt is for the girl who likes to stand out. No need to accessorize! The vibrant sunset design already does that for you. 

Was this design by Anissa Gomez totally you? Vote for it here.

These t-shirts were designed by the top four semi-finalists of the Jack ‘n Jill NIPS t-shirt making contest in collaboration with the SoFA Design Institute. Which of these HaNIPS fashion designers made the shirt you can’t wait to get your hands on? Click on your fave design to vote for it!

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