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5 Shoe Designs That Will Keep You Stylish And Comfy At The Office

The alternative to your love-hate relationship with wearing heels to work.
August 22, 2018
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Admit it, your office wardrobe can start to look boring, especially when you wear the same things every week: button-down shirts, pencil skirts, and uncomfortable heels. Don’t fret. Sometimes, all you need is a cute pair of shoes to spice up your outfits. Here are FitFlop’s fresh picks for bringing your office look back to life.

1. Metallics and gloss

Silver beads, sequins, and fabrics lend a futuristic, mysterious, and sometimes otherworldly flair to even the most simple styles. But if you’re not a fan, red and gold are also just as attractive. Strut with style in the office with the FitFlop Cova Sandals in silver or gold. These shoes can add a shimmery glow to even the most plain office OOTD, making them a necessary staple in anyone’s shoe collection. Pair them with bold colors to make them pop, or neutrals like white or cream to convey classy elegance.

2. Animal prints

Animal prints know how to make a statement. They're loud, bold, and powerful, and they're definitely the style that boosts your confidence for an important presentation or meeting or when you simply want to feel good about yourself. If you want to follow the runway trend of wearing animal prints from head to toe, try the FitFlop Tia and Delta Toe Thong Sandals, which both come in a great snakeskin print.

3. Tweed

Tweed can make any simple outfit look sophisticated, and its versatility allows you to mix and match various styles and patterns for a look that’s uniquely you. And while tweed coats look cozy AF on the runway, they aren’t exactly practical for Philippine temperatures. For girls who still want to be on trend without being impractical, try the cozy Superchic Ballerinas in luxe tweed. For maximum comfort and style, pair it with trousers and a flowy top, and you'll have the look of a successful career woman down pat.

4. Leisure wear

Nothing will make you crave comfort more than working long hours. As much as you’d love to go to the office in your comfy pajamas and fuzzy slippers, it just isn’t possible. To compromise, look for footwear that's stylish, comfortable, and work-appropriate. Try FitFlop's classic loafers and pair them with stylish leggings and an oversized top.

5. Embellishments

Don’t be scared to diversify your shoe collection. While it’s great to have classic pieces that never go out of style, add some sparkle and color to your shoes to make you feel bolder and more glamorous. Embellishments like rhinestones, bows, and fringes are the perfect details for making your look more playful and stylish, so check out the H Bar Fringe Sandals and Superskate Fringe Loafers for a great mix of cute and quirky.

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