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5 Wardrobe Pieces That Would Look Sexy On Any Guy

Long live denim!
June 22, 2017
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Men are pretty spoiled when it comes to wardrobe options these days, and as the girlfriend, styling your guy can be quite tricky—not to mention ~unsexy~ if you aren't careful! Layering too much is impractical in this heat, while putting on so little encroaches on D-bag territory. This is why building a capsule wardrobe is essential to any modern man.

Let Pietro Boselli (aka the World's Hottest Math Teacher) school you on fail-safe and trend-proof pieces every man, including yours, should have in his wardrobe:

1. Basic Tees

Plain tees can easily be thrown on with absolutely anything. The secret to a sexy fit? Avoid boxy tees and choose a cut that follows the shape of your man's body. Sleeves should hit about halfway up the upper arm, while the bottom hem should hit no higher or lower than the hips.

2. Baseball Jerseys

Equal parts sporty and sexy, baseball jerseys are great for the warm weather. The sporty charm of this piece makes it a definite must-have for your boyfriend's closet and a must-steal for yours.

3. Hoodies

Gone are the days when wearing a hoodie meant the 'ber months are in full swing. Whether it's worn to hide a hangover or a hot bod, hoodies are the ultimate lazy wear staple that's also comfy and stylish.

4. Underwear

Let's not state the obvious, but men in undies are never not sexy. Every man needs good support down there, so why not gift him a stylish pair or two? If you're not sure whether to buy him the traditional Y-front or those comfy boxers, your safest bet would be boxer briefs—they're universally flattering and versatile.

5. Denim Jeans

Trends come and go but denim jeans are forever. A slim fit is a timeless essential that can add a bit of edge to a smart-casual top, or instantly polish plain and basic pieces—either way, your guy would look sexy AF.

Guys may be harder to shop for, but you can always depend on these low-key pieces from Bench for an effortlessly stylish vibe for your BF. As an added bonus, some of these pieces can look good on you, too—win-win situation right there!

Like what you see? Shop for these #BenchEveryday staples in Bench stores nationwide. They offer a variety of clothes, including womenswear and pieces perfect for going back to school. For more updates, subscribe and check out their Facebook page.

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