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5 Wearable Street Style Looks That Never Fail To Impress

Wear that chunky watch!
October 24, 2019
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If you want some style inspo, you don't need to look far—just peep the cool, hip streetwear popular among influencers. From oversized tees to chunky accessories, the style gives you an avenue for self-expression. If you're putting a street look together, don't forget to punctuate the ensemble with a sporty, stylish watch, like the Casio Baby-G watches. Check out the many ways you can wear a Baby-G watch to amp up your street style game: 

1. Suit Yourself

If you’re a cool creative, wear a patterned boxy jacket over a graphic tee and jeans combo. Anchor your look with the new Baby-G G-MS in rose gold and a pair of brown brogues to look laidback yet professional.

2. Denim For Life

The Baby-G BA30 is a great weekend watch, especially when worn with denim (a.k.a. the ultimate street style staple), a cropped top, and funky earrings. Roll up your hair into space buns and you'll be ready for a fun gig or a chill afternoon in the park.

3. On Fire

Keep the workday blues at bay by teaming a fierce animal-print top with your usual black office pants. Come nighttime, switch your pumps for sneakers to easily go from boardroom to bar. Don’t forget to top off your ensemble with the Baby-G BA130 in black.

4. All Black

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. Layer a coat over your black hoodie and trousers for a classy, understated ~lewk~. Polish the outfit off the metal-strapped Baby-G G-MS in silver and bold red lips.

5. Stay Classy

Toe the line between sophisticated and street by pairing the gold Baby-G G-MS with a sleek asymmetric top and striped pants. The watch’s metallic sheen adds style to a neutral-colored outfit and, along with chunky dangling earrings, is a great way to add more character to your look.

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