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7 Struggles Of Girls Who Never Wear Heels

The level of your hate for the evil things is only rivaled by your love for sneakers.
August 10, 2016
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It's not that you don't like high heels. You actually think they're ~sleek~, and you know you'll look super fly when you wear them. It's just that you're not a big fan, and you'd rather wear flats all day, every day. Here are seven struggles all girls like you know to be true:

1. "Do I really *need* to wear high heels ba?"

You often ask your friends this before going on a night out. You hope against hope they'll cut you some slack, but you always get “yes” for an answer. *sigh*

2. Wearing heels feels like a roller coaster ride.

You can't count the ups and downs! At first, you're feeling hot as hell and totally confident in your heels. But after those flights of stairs down the underpass or those steps leading to your office, you're totally cursing yourself for thinking that wearing them was a good idea.

3. You bear the agony of waiting for that moment when you can finally take them off.

No words can express the sheer bliss of getting those killer heels (the term "killer" is so appropriate!) off your feet and putting them back in your closet (to rot! LOL JK!).

4. You're totally dumbfounded how some women manage to dance all night in heels—you just can't even!

Like the girl in that famous Walk the Moon song, you'd rather hit the dance floor in a backless dress and beat-up sneaks, than sport those gorg pumps and sit all night!

5. You were totally psyched when the athleisure and wear-anything-with-flats trends took off.

Because really, why hasn't this happened sooner? *cue the happy dance*

6. Your mom or titas think it's weird that you wear flats or sneakers with everything. 

But you don't care, because you feel like they ~do~ look good with all your outfits! "Tita, uso po kaya ito!"

7. Having five different pairs of sneakers is totally normal.

There's one for running, one for hitting the mall, and three for the office. When you slip into a pair of comfy sneakers, you know you're not really missing out on anything, so you think they're worth the splurge (even if your mom thinks otherwise). Speaking of wearing sneaks to work, we're totally obsessed with the Rosabel Lace from Lacoste. Its sleek design and premium Nappa leather finish make it perfect for the office, while the molded insock ensures comfort for those crazy, busy days. Plus, it's super chic with three colors to choose from: black, navy, and white.

Visit to find out more about the Rosabel Lace and other Lacoste footwear.

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