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8 Things You Never Knew The Right Bra Could Do

With the right bra fit, your posture improves. No, seriously!
October 09, 2015
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Are you wearing the right bra? It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, and brands like Debenhams want you to know that getting the perfect bra fit is one of the ways you can take care of "the girls." Plus, there are great little-known benefits that the right bra could do.

1. It won't annoy you with bra straps constantly falling off.

When you find yourself constantly having to pull up your bra straps, that's one of the most telltale signs that you're wearing the wrong bra fit. Either you need a smaller cup size (there's no shame in it!) or you need to go down a band size.

2. It feels like second skin.

You won't have that tortured, caged up feeling, and you can freely move to your heart's content. Plus, there won't be any visible bra lines that mess up your #OOTD!

3. It doesn't let your boobs sag.

The bra that fits you to a tee gives your breasts ample support, and it can make them look more defined. (Yes, girl, even if it's not a push-up bra.)

4. It gets rid of your back fat.

Well not literally, but the right bra won't accentuate your kili-kili area and back fat, which is always a problem when your bra band is too tight or your cup size is too small. 

5. It gives an instant slimming effect.

With well-supported breasts and zero back fat, you can confidently rock a streamlined silhouette.

6. It promotes better posture.

Let's face it, sitting and standing straight can already be a challenge to sustain all day, but the tightness in your chest area makes them more difficult. You might be prone to slouching because you're not that confident with how your boobs look (see item #3).

7. It helps prevent so many health issues.

Because you're supporting your breasts properly and you're slouching less, you avoid problems like breast tenderness and back pain, which tight or loose bras can trigger. The newfound comfort can even help you breathe and sleep better.

8. It could help you save on shopping money.

When you get the right bra fit, you're bound to maximize the use of your bra = more savings!

P.S. Stores like Debenhams even help you save more. From October 4 to 31, you can get bras at 20% off their regular price. On top of that, if you try their bra fit service this month, you can get a P250 gift coupon, which you can use to get an additional discount on your bra purchase until December 31, 2015. And as our dear Cosmo girl, you can even just print the coupon below! Simply right click the coupon image (or use the long press if you're on mobile), then select print, so you can redeem your discount at the Debenhams store of your choice. Seriously, you can't miss out on this!



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