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Casual Staples Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Mix and match as you please.
June 01, 2017
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Trends are fun to play with, but a girl can't rely on them alone! Balance of-the-moment pieces with wardrobe essentials that are versatile and would stand the test of time. We highlight four key items from Guess to get you started:

Statement Tees

T-shirts are the ultimate no-brainer, especially since they go with just about anything. Update yours with a slogan or statement printed front and center to make an impact.

Crop Tops

Two decades on, the 90s staple still deserves a space in wardrobes and Instagram shots. Team it with high-waisted jeans or expose a bit of skin by pairing with a skirt—you'll look fab either way.

Denim Staples

Long live denim! The classic material isn't limited to just jeans and jackets now—try oversized shirts that double as dresses, too. For a relaxed cool-girl vibe, denim is an absolute must-have.

T-shirt Dresses

Lazy weekends are the perfect excuse to dress down in one of these. But don't underestimate them—the right accessories and makeup can easily take your look from casual to party-ready.

Like what you see? Shop at Guess and visit their Facebook page for more fashion essentials.

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