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How To Make Streetwear Work For You, Especially If You're Kinda Intimidated By It

It's easier than you think.
March 01, 2019
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Consisting of loud logomania, punchy primary colors, and elevated athletic gear, the streetwear trend is a pretty bold way of dressing. But "bold" doesn't need to be intimidating. By adding a personal touch to your pieces, you’ll ensure that your outfit stays true to your style and that no one else has the unique piece. Below, a few easy ways to put a spin on your tried-and-tested style:

1. Stick on some patches.

If you have a denim jacket that isn’t getting much use, you can put it back on your outfit rotation with patches. Visit the nearest craft store and pick out a few that really mean something to you. You can scatter them at random or just choose to adorn one part of the jacket (like a sleeve or the pockets) to turn your classic jacket into a statement piece.

2. Sew a contrasting seam color.

If you’re good with your hands, you won’t have any problems sewing brightly colored threads on an old pair of track pants. Sew them along the hem to give your pants a low-key pop of color, or if you can even try embroidering on simple designs like hearts and stars for a bolder look.

3. Paint on a unique design.

More comfortable with a brush? Grab some fabric paint and color your oversized hoodie into something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. You can paint a huge logo unique to your own personal brand, or you can paint racing stripes, checks, and other patterns—the possibilities are endless.

4. Scribble away.

If you have a pair of plain canvas shoes, simply reach for a permanent marker (any color will do) and scribble away! Write your favorite song lyrics, a personal motto, inspiring quotes, or even a poem you composed to help give those shoes extra meaning and a graffiti-esque flair.

Don’t be afraid to express your style by getting creative with your clothing, and take cues from women like actress and activist Millie Bobby Brown, the first hijabi ballerina Stephanie Kurlow, self-defense instructor Qin Yungquan, nonconformist musician Naomi Preizler, and tech expert Kasia Gola who have each written their definition of what it means to be themselves onto their classic Converse Chuck 70s for Converse’s Love The Progress campaign. It’s a touching reminder of how living your life in your own terms can bring both success and, ultimately, progress in the society we live in today.

To learn more about the Love The Progress Campaign, watch Millie Bobby Brown's video about going against society's norms for what a girl should be, and follow Converse on Facebook.

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