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8 Celebrity-Approved Date Outfits That Don't Involve A Skirt

Dresses aren't your only option.
by Patricia Dayacap
February 11, 2017
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(KATHRYN) Instagram/kimiyap, (JANINE) Instagram/qurator_studio
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1. Kathryn Bernardo

Pajamas aren't just for staying in. Coordinating sleepwear-inspired pieces totally work for date night—opt for bare legs and lace-up heels to amp the sex appeal.

2. Liza Soberano

Elongate your frame with vertical-striped trousers that hit the floor. Don't forget your highest pair of heels—opt for a wedge or chunky heels to keep things comfy. No wipe-out moments here!

3. Heart Evangelista

A sophisticated and feminine interpretation of the gentleman's tux, a sheer ruffled blouse pairs beautifully with sweeping bell trousers.

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4. Liz Uy

We're not telling you to get decked out in Balmain, but if you want to wear jeans, make an effort to choose a statement top to dress it up.

5. Janella Salvador

Or you could pair your distressed denim with something lacy and in a sweet color like blush. Try a slinky camisole or a Victorian-inspired blouse like Janella's.

6. Janine Gutierrez

If a jumpsuit seems too covered up for you, consider one that shows your back. Make sure your hairstyle is appropriate—you wouldn't want to hide all that exposure behind a curtain of hair!

7. Sarah Lahbati

A body-hugging catsuit may be totally unforgiving, but when it works, it really works. Time to show off that gym bod, CGs!

8. Erich Gonzales

There's something about bare shoulders that enhance one's features. Draw his eyes up by accentuating an off-shoulder neckline with a delicate charm necklace and a pop of color on your lips.

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