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Here's How To Choose The Right Bra Styles To Wear With Every Outfit

To help you avoid wardrobe malfunctions in the future.
November 05, 2019
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In the same way smooth, healthy skin is the ideal canvas for any makeup look, a comfortable and well-fitting bra is an important element that completes an outfit. After all, what you’re wearing beneath determines how flattering your chosen garments look on you. Given the many necklines and silhouettes women can experiment with, it only makes sense to own a variety of bra styles to go with them.

Need help navigating the world of undergarments? Here’s a guide to help you choose the best bras for various outfits:

Wearing a figure-hugging dress to a date?

What bra to go for: Seamless bra or bodysuit

Nothing shows confidence better than wearing a tight dress to a hot date. But when wearing anything figure-hugging, lumps and bumps are a major no-no. To create the look of a smooth and sleek profile, go for a seamless bra. The fabric of your dress will glide over your undergarment since there’s no bulky or protruding material getting in the way. You may even want to upgrade to a bodysuit for an additional slimming effect, but if that sounds too uncomfortable, just go for Barbizon Illusion Seamless Bra (P689.75).

Going for backless at an out-of-town trip?

What bra to go for: Stick-on bra

When you dare to go bare in a backless ensemble, careful consideration must be placed to ensure you’re covered up front without ruining the look on the other side. The answer? Self-adhesive backless bras, like Barbizon Butterfly Bra (P329.75). Made of silicone, this bra has an adhesive strip on each cup to keep your boobs firmly in place.

Wearing something sheer to a night out?

What bra to go for: Tube bra

Love the look of sheer tops? Skip the camisole and go for a strapless tube bra that will hold your boobs in place and will show just the right amount of skin to make your see-through top look even more appealing. Elevate your look with Barbizon Classic Beauty Tube Bra (P389.75).

Keeping it casual with a T-shirt?

What bra to go for: Full-cup bra

Baby tees and relaxed T-shirts don't go well with some undergarments. Embroidered patterns on bras reveal weird textures on your shirt, and half cups often show through the thin fabric. When going casual with a T-shirt, it's best to go for a plain full-cup bra. The molded cups enhance your figure and provide enough coverage to keep you protected even when wearing lightweight fabrics. Try one with underwire like Barbizon Bliss Full Cup Bra (P449.75) for extra support.

Going off-shoulder for a fun, flirty look?

What bra to go for: Strapless bra

An off-the-shoulder neckline is meant to show off elegant collarbones and toned shoulders. Since you wouldn’t want errant bra straps to ruin the look, your best bet is a strapless bra. Women with smaller breasts can get away with little to no support, but if you’re well endowed, definitely choose a bra like Barbizon Color Your Life Half Cup Bra (P449.75). To make sure it won’t budge, go up one cup size and down one band size.

Long considered a top underwear brand in the Philippines, Barbizon Intimate Apparel offers comfort and durability at an affordable price. With options ranging from classic everyday styles to trendy and cutting edge designs, Barbizon has you covered.

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