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How To Dress Up Basic Office OOTDs

Stand out with these style tips from Camille Co!
July 26, 2016
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Aside from knowing the ins and outs of your job, looking and feeling your best at work can also contribute to better performance. It brings out the confidence you need to face intimidating clients, and it may even earn you the attention of your stylish boss. Though there are certain rules to follow when choosing your office ensemble, adding in a few stylish pieces, such as a beaded necklace or a chunky bracelet, wouldn't hurt. Take it from Pinay fashion blogger Camille Co who loves giving her plain outfits a new spin with accessories from Kultura.

Add A Little Spice To Your OOTDs

Stand out in a sea of uniform-wearing employees with trendy, elegant accessories, such as the ones Camille handpicked. "These pieces look and feel so luxe, they can instantly take any outfit up a notch," she says. Give your trusty black blazer a rest, and opt for a sophisticated shawl if the office gets a bit chilly. Add contrast to its delicate embroidery with shell and stone accessories. If you're up for a more elegant look, go for gold earrings or a statement purse.

Semi-precious stone necklaces, shawl, black pearl necklace, bangles, clutch with agate clasp, embroidered skirt

Think Outside The Box 

Camille shares her tips for all Cosmo girls who are a bit hesitant to play with colors. "Green and blue go so well together, so don't be afraid to mix these pieces in with casual denim outfits. They look so glamorous and sophisticated, but it doesn't mean you should use them only for dressy occasions. Think outside the box, and style up your casual looks."

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