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How To Choose The Best Bra, According To Size And Shape

Find the right Avon bra for you!
September 18, 2020
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Have you ever wondered why some bras fit you better than others? Breasts come in various shapes and sizes, and each one has a specific type of bra that can accentuate their unique silhouettes. Here’s a quick guide to common breast shapes and the bra that would best suit them. 


Some call it droopy, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of! This shape is narrow on top and full at the bottom—hence the name. To give your boobs the lift and support they need, wear a full cup bra.

Louise Non-Wire Full Cup Bra, P410/P460


No cleavage? No problem! This shape is on the thinner, smaller side with nipples pointing south. Because of the wide gap, you’ll want to try a plunging bra so that your boobs get some lift and a more defined shape.

Eliza Underwire Moulded T-Shirt Bra, P699


The name says it all. This shape is even from top to bottom, and while most bra types will go with this shape, balconette bras will do wonders for this breast type. The cups on these bras accentuate your boobs’ natural roundness while providing you with the support you need.

Debbie Underwire Balcony Bra, P399

East West

One nipple is pointed east, and the other is pointed west—that’s totally normal! A plunging bra is a great match for your boobs since it brings them closer together and accentuates their natural form and drop.

Carly Non-Wire Set In Bust Bra, P345


If you think one of your boobs is bigger than the other, you might be right—and that’s completely fine! While they can look uneven, the right bra can help make the best out of that. A plunging bra is also recommended to pull the breasts in and even out their form.

Regina Underwire Moulded Convertible T-Shirt Bra, P699

Tear Drop

One of the more common breast types, boobs like this are shaped fuller at the bottom than the top. Women with tear drop breasts can wear all bra styles—but if you want a more defined shape, lifting and shaping bras are great for you.

Clarina Underwire Shaping & Lifting Bra, P560


This is for the girls who are flat-chested and proud! Because of the wide shape, a non-wired bra can provide just the right amount of support without making you feel uncomfortable.

Jade Non-Wire Sports Bra, P460

With the right bra for your boobs, there’s no reason for you to not feel your best about your chest! All breast shapes and sizes are beautiful, and whatever it is that you’re after—be it support or lift—Avon Intimate Apparel is there for you all the way. The brand believes that every Filipina is Shaped For More and they’re calling on you to #JoinTheBOOBment.

Avon will be holding the Femme-Powerment Fashion Show, a celebration of women of all breast shapes and sizes. The show will be featuring real women and top artist Julie Ann San Jose will be providing femme-powering tunes as the models walk the runway. Watch the online fashion show on September 26 at 2 p.m. on Avon Philippines’ Facebook Page.

Give your breasts the love that they deserve—starting with the right bra type. Cop a few pairs of the bra type that’s best for your breasts at now.

For more details, you can visit the Avon website or follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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