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How To Give Your Everyday Outfits A Cool Twist

Lissa Kahayon shares her stylish must-haves!
July 29, 2016
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Summer may officially be over in the Philippines, but we all know how hot and humid it is in our country all year round. You won't even need to head to tropical destinations like Thailand, the Maldives, Jeju Island, or even as far as Brazil for the perfectly lit backdrop for #OOTDs. There's plenty of sun to enjoy in our tropical climate—now all you need is the perfect outfit.

Is your wardrobe getting boring? There are plenty of ways to add a cool vibe to your everyday outfits. Whether you're bound for Boracay or you're simply planning a day in the city, take cues from Pinay fashion blogger Lissa Kahayon, and stock up on statement wardrobe pieces and fashionable accessories from Kultura.

Here's Your Shopping Checklist 

Make sure you stock up on items you can repurpose for daily outfits, mix and match your prints, and play with various color palettes. "I wore the skirt and picked accessories to complement its colors," says Lissa, referring to her #LocoOverLocal outfit, as seen in the June issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

She also picked out other stylish essentials in this flat lay of her picks from Kultura. "I love wearing hats, so I made sure to include one, and I picked simple necklaces and bracelets that I can mix and match with anything." Go for a floppy sun hat or a classic fedora for a more stylish look. Look for a small bag for your phone, camera, and other essentials. 

Buri clutch, lapis-lazuli earrings, turquoise choker, roze quartz necklace and bracelet, bead bracelets, sun hat, printed skirt

#OOTD Ideas

Putting together the perfect tropical ensemble should be a breeze with Lissa's handpicked items from Kultura. "You can wear these to the beach or to a casual day out. You can pair the skirt with a bikini top, tank top, or even an off-shoulder top." 

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