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WATCH: The Struggles That Super Competitive Girls Can Totally Relate To

When you’re *thisclose* to giving up, but pride gets in the way.
February 16, 2016
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It’s the third installment of Nike’s Original Scripted Series Margot vs. Lily! In case you’ve missed the past episodes, here’s a short summary that will clue you in on just what the two are going through: “Lily thought she had friends; she didn’t. Margot thought she had muscles; she didn’t.”

The warring sisters’ saga continues this episode, with Margot and Lily still trying to duke it out via a New Year’s bet (which, on hindsight, seems more motivating than a New Year’s resolution). The girls take on new challenges that test their limits and abilities (including Margot 2.0, the sexy version)—but do they actually succeed? Did someone triumph this time around? Find out if the girls finally reached their goals

Catch this episode of Margot vs. Lily (and get more inspo on fitness and workout outfits) on TV! Tune in to STARWORLD on Feb. 17, Wednesday 6:55pm, MYX on Feb. 20, Saturday 7:55pm and Feb. 21, Sunday 1:55pm (replay) and ABS-CBN Sports & Action also on Feb. 20, Saturday, 1:50pm and Feb. 21, Sunday 1:50pm (replay).

Missed Episode 2 of Margot vs Lily? That's OK! You can still watch it here.

You can also log on to Zalora to score some of their ensembles!

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