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The Stylish Items You Should Have In Your Closet If You Commute

Yup, overalls are commute-friendly!
March 23, 2018
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Commuting to work can be a drag—what with the long lines in the station, a jam-packed train, surged prices in ride-hailing apps, and the long walks under the sun. But don't let these things stop you from looking sharp every day—the key is to stock up on stylish and comfortable clothes and accessories. Here are some examples:

1. Button-down top

Believe it or not, you can wear a button-down top to your commute—just pick one in a breathable fabric like cotton. Roll up the sleeves, knot the front ends, and you’ve got yourself a cute and commute-friendly OOTD. Opt for an oversized version for instant cool points.

2. A pair of sunnies

What's a better way to shield your pretty eyes from the sun than donning sunglasses? Get a pair in black or brown so you can match it with anything and wear it every day.

3. Denim jeans

Whether your personal style is edgy or feminine, you can pair any top with your jeans. They’re also easy to move around in, as many of them are now made with more flexible denim. A pair of Petrol's Dyna Stretch denim jeans stretches with you and even quickly goes back to its original shape, so it won't deform, overstretch, or shrink from everyday wear.

4. Shirtdress

A shirtdress is loose enough to keep you feeling breezy and fresh as you get from point A to point B. For maximum comfort, wear it with your favorite pair of sneaks. Have easier access to your belongings by swapping your oversized tote for a cross-body bag.

5. Overalls

Toughen up your look with a pair of utilitarian overalls. They’re a go-to for when you’re rushing in the morning and don’t know what to wear. Look chill by pairing it with a white top, and chic with long-sleeved shirt.

Commuting is without a doubt exhausting and frustrating, and the least you can do is to wear comfy clothes to reduce your commute woes. Petrol has stylish and comfortable pieces that can help you stay cool. Follow Petrol on Facebook to see their catalog.

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