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Her fangirling started with a film called 'A Moment To Remember!'
As a longtime Hallyu fan, Pauline only went deep into K-pop in the pandemic!
'I got inspired to start this days after [Sungjin] left for his mandatory military service.'
'I discovered na mayroon isang P-pop group na kayang makipagsabayan sa world-class talent.'
Check out our first mom and daughter duo in this special episode!
'They have the purest hearts with the purest intentions.'
'I'm happy that I have this small corner at home, where I can sit down, grab a book, and relax all day.'
'That's what's great about these fandoms: You find a place that you can call home.'
'What I find really interesting in candle collecting is that not all candles are the same.'
'She inspires women to be confident in themselves, to be your own kind of beautiful.'
He even created a paper dolls ~pageant~ of his collection, complete with awards and a souvenir program!
'All I know is that everyone around me was screaming and it felt like time has stopped.'
'First time out of the country, first time in a Pokémon Center. You can imagine my glee.'
'To be honest, sila yung reason kung bakit talaga ako nakapag-survive sa internships.'
'Nakaka-proud lang na bilang fan, I witnessed Anne Curtis at her happiest.'
‘We kind of grew up together and I think that's really special. And I love that.’
'They've been through a lot. So if anyone deserved the world's love or recognition, it's definitely BTS.'
'You have to control your feels, especially kung yung favorite artist mo yung nandiyan. 'Di ka pwedeng mag-fangirl.'