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Admit it, 'Batman v. Superman' was a kickass movie because of her.
It takes extra effort to look damn fine, but pushing the look further may produce less-than-desirable results.
FHM sits down with director Jerrold Tarog about the making of this historical biopic.
The first time you meet each other's parents is always special (and hilarious).
Keeping your cool when you get lost in a strange city.
Him never lifting the toilet seat when he takes a leak. Ugh!
Because their feed will make you feel some serious IG #fomo.
Seriously, stop dating them. And if you aren't, don't let them be your friend.
There'll be no moms walking in on you doing R-18 things!
"I'm so sorry, babe. Here's a chocolate lava cake I baked for you from scratch."