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'You scoffed at yourself for being just a rebound, but you were so much more.'
'We clung to each other for months, because wouldn't you, once you had found The One?'
I learned how excruciating the longing for physical affection can be.
'Maybe, despite all my romantic ideals, I might not even meet The One, let alone end up with him. And maybe that’s okay.'
'Maybe if you cried enough, all the sadness would leave your body along with your tears.'
You are the reason it never worked out with any of them.
I only have to look into your eyes to see that we've taken this as far as we can take it.
'You were not enough for him. You were not reason enough for him to stay faithful.'
'I envy you, because you're exactly what he needs, not me.'
'After months of feeling sorry for myself, I realized that I could do better.'