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'Those who rely heavily on good looks will have the biggest insecurities; those who have character are the more confident ones.'
These ladies tell us what it takes to be successful in our chosen careers.
We asked real girls like you to share their secrets to splurging wisely. You're welcome.
Trust, compromise, and a whole lot of <i>KILIG</i>.
This May, Cosmopolitan Philippines turns a year older, sexier, and gutsier. And what better way to kick it off than with fearless words from our cover girl?
Can't get enough of our February 2014 Cosmo cover star Marian Rivera? Here's a web-exclusive interview just for you!
A fish vendor, a janitor, and a human resource assistant. Can you guess which star did what?
Be proactive about protecting yourself from a potential sexual assault.
Stop moping about the past and living in regret, or looking too far ahead into the future. Slow down and savor every moment of the present.