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RK and Jane's chemistry was ~palpable~.
If you're looking for a kilig rom-com for Valentine's, this is not it.
I wasn't ready to be SO MOVED by a movie!
It's definitely a must-watch with your girl friends!
It was naughty and funny, but lacking in substance.
It’s the kind of movie that deserves a second watch (or more)!
It was fun, light, and refreshingly offbeat.
Don't go into it expecting it to be like 'Kita Kita.'
It’s a thoughtfully-made film from beginning down to the credits.
Hands down, this is Kathryn Bernardo's best work yet.
TBH, this is Sarah Geronimo's best performance as an actress to date.
It’s not your typical Pinoy romance. In fact, it’s not much of a romance at all.
It's has the usual rom-com formula but with a little something ~*extra*~.
Let Anne and Dingdong take you on an exhilarating ride.