Want to stand out this holiday season? Veer from traditional frilly frocks and opt for avant-garde pieces that speak volumes about your 'tude.
When you go shopping for holiday wear, note the trends we spotted on the creations of Kristel Yulo, Michele Sison, Philip Tampus, Ralph Ng, and Roland Lirio. (PLUS: See celebs on the runway, including this month's cover girl!)
Celebrate your feminine side this glam season by dressing in chic dresses, pretty tops, and sexy skirts for your shape when going out with your guy.
Stifled by your strict office dress code? Be empowered to show your <i>fasyon</i> side in the workplace with these runway ideas that take power-dressing to the next level.
'Tis the season when fashion brands roll out holiday pieces, but for more affordable finds, check out department stores! Here's a preview of the ultra-chic buys in one of your fave haunts.
See the nautical outfits of the lucky ladies who screamed for their fave Centerfolds and Bachelors at the hottest part of the year!
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