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5 Simple Things You Can Do At Home To Maintain Your Glow

These are easy enough to squeeze in your work-from-home schedule.

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Working from home can come with several perks, as it allows many of us to allocate more time for self-care and special beauty routines. If you’re still adjusting to it, now would be a good time to create your own self-care plan:

1. Get up early to make time for yourself.

If you have to clock in at work by 8 a.m., try to get up at least one hour earlier to give yourself ample me-time. Enjoy a good cup of coffee to perk you up and treat yourself to a long shower just to get your mind into work-mode. Of course, don’t forget to use a good mix of shampoo and conditioner to treat your hair, especially if that trip to the salon will have to wait a bit longer. Try one of our favorite pairs: TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo and Cream Silk Ultimate Straight Conditioner.

2. Don’t skip skincare.

If there’s a silver lining to working from home, it’s that not having to commute is reducing your skin’s exposure to harmful elements, such as pollution and the sun’s harsh rays. This means that now is the best time to double down on skincare to achieve your best glow. In addition to your product mix, add a day cream that will help you get a rosy sheen and help even out your skin tone with regular use, like Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream for Normal Skin.

3. Keep your water bottle on your desk.

It’s not always easy to take care of yourself when snacks are always within reach and no one would judge you for eating on your desk. We *totally* get it, CGs! But as this study suggests, frequent snacking may not necessarily be caused by hunger. Sometimes, our body can mistake thirst for food craving, leading us to reach for another cookie or chip. By keeping a water bottle on your desk, you not only keep yourself hydrated, you also minimize the risk of reaching into your fridge for food. Plus, remember the benefits of hydration on your skin.

4. Make time for light exercise.

Everyone who knows how to take care of their body will agree that the first step to self-care is exercise. And it’s not just good for your health, exercise is also the best way to achieve the toned arms and legs of your dreams. Squeezing in physical activities when working from home may be extra difficult, but it’s not totally impossible. All you need is enough space where you can follow a quick workout video or attend an online yoga class. If those aren’t your thing, maybe try a fun zumba session while on a video conference with your friends. Just don’t forget to apply a deodorant that will help keep you fresh throughout the day, like Dove Dry Serum.

5. Take a proper lunch break.

Having your lunch on your desk while scrolling through your emails will only add to your stress. Do yourself a favor by going on a proper lunch break. This will help you refresh your mind and give you enough time to chew your food thoroughly. And don’t skip brushing your teeth after with your favorite toothpaste. Just because your colleagues can’t smell what you had for lunch doesn’t mean you should neglect oral hygiene altogether.

Working from home will take a bit of adjusting. But as long as you know how to take care of yourself and maintain your glow with conscious effort, you’ll come out of this just fine. You can do it!

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