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You Don't Need A ~Fancy~ Camera To Take Good Pictures, According To Andrei Suleik

PHOTO: Pau Guevarra

The biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro, Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, was held at the SMX Convention Center from August 31 to September 1. Hundreds of Cosmo girls flocked to the venue to shop the coolest brands and to meet + listen to the talks of their favorite celebs and influencers.

One of the speakers of Day 2 was portrait and fashion photographer Andrei Suleik. His Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON segment was titled PSA: You Don't Need An Expensive Phone Or Camera To Take Good Pictures.

Andrei shared that he began as a film intern. He bought a camera to take BTS videos during a shoot, but then he realized he liked ~*photography*~ better. He started by shooting portraits, and that was when he realized that he liked taking pictures of people.

However, he stressed that it's not necessary to have a ~fancy~ camera if you want to take good photos. You can get great pictures even just by using your phone. Here are some of the tips he shared:

  1. Look around the location.

    When shooting, have a mini ocular and check out the place first. Look for the best spot to take a photo. It can be as usual as a solid-colored wall or as unique as a closed sari-sari store!

  2. Natural lighting is your BFF.

    Like all photographers would say, you must take advantage of natural lighting. It adds a ~dreamy~ quality to your photos that artificial lights can't quite capture. Plus, it's free!

  3. Don't be afraid to be click-happy.

    Don't be content with just one click, take several to get the photo that you want. If your subject is moving, sometimes the best pictures are the ones that are really (legit) candid!

Watch Andrei's full informative segment here:

Watch portrait and fashion photographer Andrei Suleik's full segment at Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON about how to take good photos just by using your phone camera.

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