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These ASMR Beauty Videos Will Soothe Your Soul

PHOTO: Youtube/ASMR Dream More

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is described by as the satisfying and relaxing sensation that one experiences when she hears certain sounds or watches a particular videoWhispering, chopping, and tapping are just some sounds that can calm someone down. On the other hand, destruction videos provide visual relaxation to certain audiences.

Now that the world is facing an invisible enemy—COVID-19—you might be having a hard time relaxing your mind. If you can't sleep well or you just want to slow down your thoughts, watching ASMR videos may help you.

Below, we gathered the most soothing ASMR beauty clips to help you unwind. We highly recommend that you put your headphones on before viewing these!

  1. Makeup Destruction ASMR

    A pretty eyeshadow palette was beautifully destroyed in this video. The sight is oddly satisfying on its own, but wait until you hear the metal spatula rub against the pressed pigment. *chills*


    Makeup Destruction ASMR

  2. Makeup Application ASMR

    File this under "GRWM with a twist." The tapping of the fingers against product packaging and the crumpling of plastic bags are super soothing.

    Doing Your Makeup Sound ASMR

  3. Lipstick Destruction ASMR

    Before you get relaxed, your heart might break first when you see pretty lippies get chopped and smashed. Nevertheless, the sights and sounds are a delight!

    Lipstick Destruction ASMR

  4. Facial ASMR

    Another factor that makes facial treatments relaxing is the sound your aesthetician makes while you wait for her massage your face. You can get the same satisfaction when you watch this clip.

    Korean Skincare Facial Massage ASMR

  5. Perfume ASMR

    Aside from the satisfying ASMR sound, this video teaches tips on how to make your perfume last all day.

    How To Make Your Scent Last - ASMR

  6. Hair and Back Massage ASMR

    You'll get tingles on your scalp and spine when you watch and listen to this hair and back play ASMR video.

    ASMR Back & Hair Play

  7. Hair and Body Care Products Destruction ASMR

    Expect your pupils to dilate, arm hairs to raise, and brain to go *WHOA* when you see hair and body care products get artfully destroyed.

    watch now

    Destroying Hair and Body Products ASMR

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