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Here's Where You Can Buy A Beauty Fridge In The Philippines

Yes, these are all IG-worthy.
PHOTO: Instagram/shimmerbeautyph

The new must-have beauty product this year isn't a sweet-smelling lip gloss or an acne-clearing moisturizer, it's a ~*beauty fridge*~! ICYDK, a beauty fridge is basically a tiny rectangular-shaped object you can use to store your skincare productsinstead of leaving them out on your shelves—where they can stay cool and literally chill inside.

Why is it so important for your skincare products to stay cool? Well, when a chilled skincare product is applied to your skin, it will help soothe and refresh your face and boost circulation in your blood, enhancing the product's benefits! Also, keeping products cold will prevent them from quickly going bad.

Want your own beauty fridge now? Here are a few places we discovered you can buy them!


This travel refrigerator has an easy-to-use switch to change the heating or cooling temperatures. It has enough space to store not only skincare products, but medicine and drinks, too!

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Price: P2,449

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Shimmer Beauty

This fridge comes in an IG-worthy pastel pink hue and has a compartment where you can store all your sheet masks!

Price: P2,650

Shop here

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Chilled Beauty

These beauty fridges work just like a traditional ref so you don't need batteries to power them.

Price: P3,000

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Aside from its portable size, this fridge has the cutest retro design ever!

Price: P4,125

Shop here

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