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Here's Why Everyone Is Buying A Beauty Fridge

And what you should store in yours?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/heymichellelee, (RIGHT) Instagram/covetingbeauty

It's official, this is the decade that storage solutions became next-level stylish. Popularized by Instagram, of course, aesthetically pleasing storage is also part and parcel of the Marie Kondo effect. Today everything has their place, and a pretty place at that.

So, in addition to your elegantly organized shelf showcasing your skincare, and your oh-so-photogenic make-up display table, comes the beauty fridgea.k.a. the space to store your stash that likes to stay chill.

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Naturally, you could (and may already) store certain products in your main fridge. But then that's probably not going to trend on Twitter, is it? Enter the dedicated company for the mini fridge solely designed for beauty: Makeup Fridge—which comes with the excellent tagline "face mask and chill."

But what should you store in your beauty fridge? Not just what looks good on the 'gram, actually. There's a method to this not-so-mad madness:

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  1. Facial Tools

    If you use tools made of jade of rose quartz, such as a facial roller or gua sha, while cooling anyway, you might as well keep them extra cold.

    When used for facial massages the cool, smooth surface helps encourage lymph drainage (therefore reducing puffiness) and brightens the complexion by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin, granting a visible glow.

  2. Sheet Masks

    Stretch sheet masks (superior to tissue masks) kept in the fridge make for the ultimate hangover cure. Refreshing, tightening, and brighteningnot to mention hydrating, of courseit's an easy way to enhance their benefits.

    Definitely do the same with your eye mask patches, making them ultra-cooling and de-puffing.

  3. Day Creams

    Not a must, but keeping your day creams (for face and eyes) in the fridge will increase their effectiveness at reducing puffiness, firming, and temporarily reducing the appearance of pores.

  4. Face Mists

    While we spritz facial mists for various reasonsfrom setting makeup to granting an instant glowthere's no doubt that keeping them cool will make them feel more refreshing, which is especially lovely in summer.

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  5. Probiotic and Preservative-Free Skincare

    Live probiotic skincare must be refrigerated to extend the life of the bacteria. In addition, most all-natural beauty products without preservatives like parabens, would benefit from keeping cool, given that they have a shorter shelf life. For example, Lush recommends its fresh face masks are kept in the fridge, and only left out for no longer than four hours.

  6. Nail Polish

    While the jury is out on keeping fragrance in the fridge (experts have differing opinions), it’s widely considered the best place for nail polish. Why? It will maintain the stability of the formula, preventing it from separating and going all gloopy.


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