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The 10 Biggest Beauty Trends You'll See In 2019

From embracing your grays, to powder dip manicures.
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If you want to get ahead of your beauty game for 2019, thanks to Pinterest you can. Pinterest's 100 is an edit of the biggest and best trends for the year ahead, and we delved through the stats to find exactly what makeup, nails, skincare, and hair trends we're going to be seeing everywhere next year. From lilac hair, to bold lips, witch hazel, and almond nails, here's everything you need to know!

  1. Lilac hair

    2016 was all about smokey lilac hair, but for 2019 we will see a return to straight up lilac dye. It's time to book that hairdresser appointment to get involved with the biggest beauty trend of 2019, or just leave your purple shampoo on a little bit longer.

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  2. Embracing your grays

    If Pinterest is anything to go by, you'll no longer be scared of finding your first gray hair, in fact you're actively going to look for it. This is proof we're finally ready to embrace our silver roots.

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  3. Bold lips

    Thanks to Glossier, 2018 saw the minimal makeup movement seriously challenge the heavy Instagram look. For 2019 prepare to compromise and pair your barely there base with a bold lip.

  4. Powder nails

    If you haven't managed to kick your gel nail addiction, prepare to become obsessed with powder dipping, or SNS as it's otherwise known. By using powder instead of gel, your manicure will last as long as a month, without any of the damage of gel nails. 
  5. Witch hazel

    Skincare will continue to eclipse our makeup routines! Yes that old school, spot-fighting ingredient just got a brand new shiny makeover.

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  6. Almond nails

    If you need a bit of help remembering all the different nail shapes read our guide here, but all you need to remember for 2019 is "almond" as we bid farewell to the beautiful, but impractical coffin nail.

  7. Glossy makeup

    Matte addicts look away now, because gloss is back and it's more sticky than ever. Not only will we be ditching our matte liquid lipsticks for lip gloss, but we'll also be extending the shine to our skin, eyelids, and wherever else we want our hair to get stuck!

  8. Liquid exfoliators

    First of all, if you haven't tried a liquid exfoliator yet, where have you been? Scarier than they sound, liquid exfoliators, or acids as you might know them, are way more effective at removing dead skin cells, brightening skin tone, and evening out the complexion. So get started early with a list of our favorites!

  9. Natural lash lifts

    If you've ever had a lash lift, you will know how it can turn your lashes from zero to hero in an hour and 45 minutes. 

  10. Cropped bangs

    When it comes to fringes, we're all commitment phobes, but it's time to get serious in 2019. So it's time to channel your inner Bella Hadid and get those long wanted baby bangs.

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