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ICYMI: Bianca Gonzalez's Empowering Talk At Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON

PHOTO: Pau Guevarra

Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, the biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro, was held on August 31 and September 1 at the SMX Convention Center. The event was a huge success, thanks to the Cosmo girls (and boys!) who flocked to the event, ready to shop their hearts out and interact with their favorite celebrities and influencers.

Among the many speakers at the event was TV host, writer, and body positivity advocate Bianca Gonzalez. A proud advocate of being morena, she began her talk with this statement: "I will not allow my daughters to grow up in a world that looks down on them because of their skin color."

She talked about how she was judged for being morena and how her own daughter was criticized by netizens for possessing brown skin. She also briefly discussed how colorism started in our society.

She stressed the importance of having proper representation in the media. Having grown up seeing Tweetie de Leon and Angel Aquino in commercials and magazine covers, Bianca said that this boosted her confidence and inspired her to love her brown skin more.


She ended her talk with these three empowering statements:

  • Your value is not diminished by how dark your skin is.
  • If you're morena, the goal is to have clear, moisturized, and glowing skin. There's no need to use brightening products because your complexion is already beautiful the way it is.
  • We should try our best to raise a generation that never says "Ay, ang itim-itim mo," as an insult to anyone.

If you weren't able to listen to her empowering talk, don't worry! We've got the full video. Watch it here:

Watch Bianca Gonzalez's FULL #CosmoBeautyCon talk on loving the skin you're in.

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