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7 Beauty Trends Jennie of BLACKPINK Is Always Wearing

She's everything we want to be in life, TBH.
PHOTO: instagram/jennierubyjane

BLACKPINK may be setting records and trends as a group, but there is one particular member that's making waves, even on her own. Jennie Kim, aside from amazing vocals and rapping abilities, is setting her mark in the beauty and fashion industry. (She's an ambassador to luxury brands Chanel and Hera.)

That said, we decided to compile all the beauty trends she is always seen wearing. Keep on scrolling for your next makeup or hair inspo:

  1. Hair accessories

    Not a fan of boring hairstyles, Jennie turns to different hair accessories such as ribbons, clips, and bows to further amp up her look.

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  2. Subtle eyeliner

    We *love* how Jennie's subtle flick elongates her eyes.

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  3. Soft arches

    Jennie's softly, filled-in arches are a refreshing contrast to the bold eyebrow looks we usually see.

  4. Glossy lips

    Jennie doesn't like a matte finish on her lips—instead, she usually puts on a gloss for a more ~natural~ look.

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  5. Radiant, glowing skin

    Jennie's radiant, glowing skin is evident, whether she's on tour or off-duty. It's no wonder she caught the eye of famous Korean beauty brand Hera and was named one of its ambassadors!

  6. Lob hairstyle

    Jennie's signature look always included her long hair, which is why we were ~shook~ when she started sporting a lob! (Check out all the ways she styles her cut here.)

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  7. Fresh-faced makeup looks

    When she's not on tour with the rest of the girls, she refrains from wearing heavy makeup. She just applies a little bit of blush, gloss, and softly smudged eyeliner.

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