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This Is The Easiest Way Shy Girls Can Have A Cool IG Pic

You don't need to be a pro to do it!

We've already laid out several poses for you if you're camera-shy. This time, we're suggesting another version that's cool and highly ~aesthetic~. It's pretty easy, but you just need to be more creative with how you use your phone camera (yep, no apps involved except Instagram) to achieve it. 

We're talking about intentionally blurring your photos! While taking sharp photos can be a struggle, taking this route is easy. With the usual Insta-pics, everything has to look perfect, the background should be pretty or clean, and your pose should be a 10. A hazy pic won't require such effort and production. Take a look at how celebs and influencers have been doing it:

Even if it's blurred AF, Nadine Lustre still looks hot.

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One of her BFFs, Kiana Valenciano, knows how it's done, too!

Janella Salvador was moving when this pic was taken, and we love the result!

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Jennie Kim still looks V cute!

Dua Lipa's selfie is just too cool.

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So how do you do it? 

  1. Upload your selected picture on Instagram. I already fixed the lighting and color saturation of my photo, but that step is optional. You can just do away with your raw photo.

  2. Select "Edit," and then head to the "Tilt Shift" option. Choose "Radial" and adjust the effect until almost the whole pic is hazy. There will still be an area that won't be blurred, so I just placed it in the upper right corner.

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  3. Head to the "Fade" section, and adjust the effect according to your preference.


  4. And you're done!

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But of course, there are still apps available that could create this effect for your photos, but if your phone is running out of memory space, this is the best option. Plus, the blurred pics that are still in your camera roll won't go to waste.

See you on Insta!

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