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20 Classic Manicure Ideas For Girls Who Work In Strict Offices

Pretty and never boring.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/safinailstudio, (right) instagram/nailitmag

An office dress code doesn’t mean you have to be garbed head to toe in the most ho-hum ensemble. Even in the most strict office settings, you can wear some punch of color and interesting styles without being called out for being OTT. It is all about a good balance!

Unless you are joining the British royal family, there’s a chance you can get away with playing around with your look. The trick, of course, is balance: Wear a polished outfit and try a colorful mani!

While a nice clean French mani is always a safe bet, over time it can be a little bland. Luckily for us, there are nail geniuses on the planet who continue to bless us with their craft. Thanks to them we get to enjoy nail looks that instantly upgrade our basic b*atch digits to chic talons.

  1. A sea of calming blues

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  2. Black and yellow + modern contemporary lines

  3. The double French tip

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  4. Clear top coat + elegant pearl cuticles

  5. Charcoal black + ash gray + geometric ends

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  6. Taupe + half-moon cuticle + black beauty marks

  7. Rose + marbled quartz streaks

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  8. Lines + dots + matte blush gel polish

  9. Nude + matte + line art

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  10. Jeweled greens + gold + art deco

  11. Minimalist + neutral camo pattern

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  12. Vibrant coral + summer melon

  13. Blush nude + gold details

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  14. Plain Jane beige + ROYGBIV outline

  15. Barely-there polish + pastel arches

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  16. Earth tones + ombré + a touch of shimmer

  17. Redefined ombré nails

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  18. Cube cuticle mani + striking patent red

  19. Neutral base + pastel blue vertical stripe

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  20. BW single strip

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