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The Most Interesting Beauty Tutorials To Try At Home Because Learning Never Stops

Enhance your beauty knowledge.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Youtube/Sarah Cheung, (RIGHT) Youtube/bestdressed

Because of COVID-19, people are advised to stay at home (aka social distancing) to prevent the rapid spread of the disease. It's a privilege that we can opt to be in our homes in the midst of a pandemic, and we have to be grateful that we have this choice.

You can be productive during the time you're isolated from others by cleaning the house, working out, and keeping in touch with loved ones. You can also use this as an opportunity to enhance your skills. Below, we gathered interesting tutorials we found on YouTube so you can upgrade your beauty routine.

Get your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone ready for the most interesting beauty binge-watch you'll ever do in your life. Check out our list below!

  1. No-Foundation Makeup Routine

    When you want to keep your makeup looking au naturel, you may opt to skip foundation! Amy Serrano teaches us how to create a flawless-looking and GLOWING complexion without wearing too much product.

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    No-Foundation Makeup Routine

  2. Catfish Makeup Tutorial

    You now have time to set up your dating app profile. Now that social distancing is enforced, your prospects can't force you to meet up in person in the next weeks. You can finally enjoy a decent convo before your eyeball. Spruce up your page by uploading a photo of yourself in *snatched* makeup. 

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    Catfish Makeup Tutorial

  3. Colored Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

    If you've been wanting to add more color to your makeup looks, ease into it by trying a colored liner look.

    Blue Electric Glam

  4. Minimalist Heart Nail Art Tutorial

    You can finally learn how to DIY an Instagram-famous minimalist nail art design at home. This video just calls for a toothpick—no professional nail tech tools required!

    Minimalist Toothpick Heart Nails

  5. Heatless Waves For Short Hair Tutorial

    Not gonna lie, curling your hair with a hot tool takes too much effort. Thankfully, we found a heatless method you can try to get sexy waves.

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    Heatless waves for short hair

  6. How To Take IG Photos If You're Alone

    Learn how to take bomb photos without the help of a friend. Let Ashley of BestDressed teach you the ways.

    How I Take Instagram Pics By Myself

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