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My Day With Cosmo: What It's Like To Run A Local Beauty Brand During A Pandemic

When the pandemic started, the majority of the beauty industry was put into a halt—salons and beauty clinics were shut down, and people seem to be less interested in wearing makeup. But, this did not stop Denice Sy, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc., to see this challenging time as an opportunity to do better. She viewed this as the time to tap into the Pinoys' new needs: Wellness.

She launched skincare and home care brands in the past months to cater to the Pinoy's clamor for self-care and cleanliness. She also released value-for-money multipurpose makeup—an answer to women's need for sulit, time-saving beauty products.

Denice gave us a glimpse of how she did everything while in quarantine. Check out her vlog below:


VIDEO EDITED BY: Retty Contreras

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