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Dimples Romana *Proudly* Flaunts Her Body At The Beach: 'It has seen me through thick and thin'

'Today I honor my body.'
Dimples Romana body positivity Instagram post
PHOTO: instagram/bangpineda via instagram/dimplesromana

Actress-host Dimples Romana is known for keeping it real on social media. In April 2023 the mom-of-three shared a selection of no-filter, no-makeup selfies on Insta, and she looked *gorgeous*.  "For days when you want to keep it bare and simple. May your inner voice be always encouraging, honest, pure and kind to you," she wrote.

dimples romana barefaced selfies

Fast forward to today, May 28, and the 38-year-old took to IG to share a carousel of pics of her posing at the beach. Clad in a skin-colored two-piece set and sporting a neutral bandana to pull her hair back, she looks absolutely glowing! Accompanying her post is a lengthy inspirational message for all her followers:

"Today I honor my body [cloud emoji] at three magical points in my life, this was once home to three kind, wonderful children. It has seen me through, thick and thin -literally and figuratively. It has served me well. And those who rely on the work that I do. It has taken care of my soul, housed it with pure strength and resilience. It has enabled me to reach for the dreams I never even thought were possible for me- for the people I love. But most of all it has ENDURED."

"Time, scars, tears, wounds, bruises -over time. Today, I begin a much deeper, more mindful way of taking care of the body I have been blessed with. I promise to love it, honor it, respect and understand it. Mine. My choice always. What a blessing that even after three decades of non stop shoots, work, love and service - it still works beautifully. I honor my body- I honor the heavens for giving me exactly what I have. Now, time to make no more excuses and get on the wellness and fitness wagon right away [heart emoji] this momma wants to live long for the family! Let’s do this!"

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The actress' celebrity friends such as Bea Alonzo, Iza CalzadoRuffa Gutierrez, and Yam Concepcion were all effusive in their support of her post, with celeb makeup artist Effie Go Iñigo event commenting "Baby #4!!!" — to which Dimples replied, "Wala na ate. cut and tied up."

celebrities react to Dimples Romana's body positivity post

We totally agree: You look beautiful, Dimples!


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