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How To Do A Pedicure By Yourself With The Things You Already Have At Home

You'll be so proud of yourself right after!
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We think of salon pedicures as a luxury—a treat we give ourselves after a long, stressful week. But these trips, when you accommodate the costs, can go as much as spending P8,500 a year. Plus, now that nail spas are closed (for our safety, of course), you've got no choice but to take matters into your hands. 

Below is a step-by-step pedicure tutorial that you can follow so you can have salon-worthy painted toenails. We also made sure that it will call for items that you probably already have at home!

Step 1 How to do a pedicure at home: Wash your feet

Not only this will cleanse your tootsies of dirt and grime, but it will also help loosen up the dead skin. You can opt to soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil, but it's definitely okay if you proceed to step 2.

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Step 2 How to do a pedicure at home: Rub your cuticles with a damp towel

Gently massage a small towel (bonus points if it's damp) on your cuticles to get rid of dead skin. This is much safer than working with a metal cuticle pusher—you may get injured if you're not used to it!

Step 3 How to do a pedicure at home: Remove the buildup

With caution, *scoop* out the icky buildup on the undersides of your toenails. It helps if you soak them in water first or you may just spritz them with H2O.

Step 4 How to do a pedicure at home: Clip your toenails

Trim your toenails, leaving at least one to two millimeters of the free edge. Anything too short may pose a higher risk of you getting ingrown toenails. If your toenails are too long, they may cause pain. (They might snag on your socks or feel uncomfortable when you wear shoes.)

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Step 5 How to do a pedicure at home: File your toenails

Go over the toenails with a nail file or emery board. This step will smooth out any jagged edge that may cause ingrown toenails.

Step 6 How to do a pedicure at home: Scrub your feet

(Skip to step 10 if you have no plans of painting your toenails.) To rid of rough skin and callus, massage your heels with a homemade scrub made of two ingredients: Brown sugar and olive oil. This combo will slough off dead skin, so you can get smooth feet—like you went to a salon for a foot spa service!

Step 7 How to do a pedicure at home: Spritz with alcohol

Before applying any nail polish, spray alcohol on your toenails to ensure that they're free from any lotion, oil, or any product that will prevent the lacquer from clinging onto the nail bed.

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Step 8 How to do a pedicure at home: Apply base coat

This product will smoothen out the nail bed, making it a perfect canvas for the nail polish. Plus, it makes the lacquer last longer on the toenails. If you don't have base coat ATM, you can skip this step.

Step 9 How to do a pedicure at home: Paint with nail polish

Now it's time for the magic. Paint your chosen nail polish shade on your toenails. Start at the sides, then apply lacquer in the middle of the nail for salon-like results. You can clean up the mistakes with an old makeup brush soaked in acetone. Let it dry for two minutes between each coat.

Step 10 How to do a pedicure at home: Brush topcoat

For that glossy finish and pedi that lasts for weeks, apply topcoat. Just a tip: Make sure that your nail polish is already dry before proceeding with this step! Wait for every layer to set before you make ~any~ move.

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Step 11 How to do a pedicure at home: Massage cuticle oil or lotion

Bring the moisture back to your cuticles by rubbing a nourishing cuticle oil or a lightweight body lotion.

Congratulations on nailing (pun intended) a new life skill!

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