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17 Cute Easter Nail Designs That You Need To Try Out Immediately

You need to hop (ha) on these ideas.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/sophrecio; (right) instagram/oliveandjune

It's time to put away your holiday nail shades people. They had a good run, but the summer season and Easter holiday are all about bright, cheery, and fun nail designs. Think: Florals, cute lil' bunnies, pastels, and bright colors. What's not to love, right? So to help you out with your search for the perfect Easter nail design, I pulled some of my favorite ~lewks~ from Insta. Ahead, the 17 best Easter nail designs that you can even wear all year round:

  1. Easter Nail Design: This Red and White Manicure

    How cute are these nail stickers? Layer on a coat of bold red and bright white nail polish, then pop on a few stickers to complete your Easter look.

  2. Easter Nail Design: This Rainbow Manicure

    Paint your nails the way you would decorate your Easter egg—add a bunch of colorful spots that pop against a white canvas.

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  3. Easter Nail Idea: This White and Pink Manicure

    No, florals for spring aren't groundbreaking, but if you need an excuse to paint them on your nails, Easter is a perfect one.

  4. Easter Nail Design: This Pink Floral Manicure

    Floral accents on a pale pink base make for a super pretty, Easter-worthy nail design.

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  5. Easter Nail Idea: This Matisse-Inspired Manicure

    Show off your Art History 101 knowledge and opt for this colorful Matisse-inspired nail design this Easter season.

  6. Easter Nail Idea: This Pastel French Manicure

    The French mani is modern again. Hop on the trend this Easter by going for these pastel tips.

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  7. Easter Nail Ideas: This Peach-Toned Manicure

    Keep it simple this Easter and swipe on this insanely gorgeous peach polish color onto your nails.

  8. Easter Nail Design: This Holographic Manicure

    This blend of purple, green, pink, and blue creates a dope holographic nail design that you'll want to wear year 'round.

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  9. Easter Nail Design: This Pastel Blue Manicure

    Keep it chic and simple by adding a couple of floral nail stickers to this pastel blue manicure.

  10. Easter Nail Design: This Pink Manicure

    This two-toned pink manicure will definitely make people do a double-take when their eyes catch your nails.

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  11. Easter Nail Idea: This Multi-Colored Manicure

    Take some inspo from a bag of Skittles and paint your nails the color of the rainbow for Easter. So cute, right?

  12. Easter Nail Ideas: This Yellow and Purple Manicure

    This would be my mani choice this Easter—the combo of purple and yellow hues basically scream ~summer~.

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  13. Easter Nail Idea: This Bright Red Manicure

    Stand out in a sea of pastel nails by choosing an extra-bright and very colorful orange-red nail design.

  14. Easter Nail Design: This Ombré Manicure

    Take the ombré hair trend you've seen everywhere and bring it onto your fingertips with this unique Easter nail design.

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  15. Easter Nail Idea: This White Manicure

    This white manicure option is refreshing, simple, and won't clash with any of your outfits.

  16. Easter Nail Idea: This Multi-Hued Blue Manicure

    Why pick one shade of blue when you could get them all? Mix and match your favorite hues for this fun nail design.

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  17. Easter Nail Idea: This Sunflower Manicure

    I have major heart eyes for this sunflower mani. Seriously though, how amazing is the detail? TBH, It's worth wearing past Easter Sunday.

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